A Poem

The Air that I Breathe

The air that I breathe is no longer blessed

With the magic of his sweet breath.

His eyes that sparkled and danced and shone

Are closed in the stillness of death.

The earth he once walked is not quite as rich

He took with him treasures untold;

And arms that once cradled and loved him so much

Are empty without him to hold.


For a child with the promise of plenty of time

There were dreams of a future so bright;

But the sands fell too fast and the daytime of joy

Turned soon to the darkness of night.

His dreams became ashes born on the wind

Of the storm that stole him one day;

And the spark of life that he once held so dear

Was brutally taken away.


But the heart that he left me, though battered and worn

Is lightened with thoughts of him;

And memories are a beacon of light

When the joy in my heart becomes dim.

I know he is safe, and I know he is well

And he cannot be touched by pain,

And there's sweetness in knowing my arms will be filled

And I'll hold him and touch him again.


For I know where he is and I know that he waits

With a hug and a smile and a kiss

And the place where he is, is far gentler with him

It's a world that's much better than this

But our earth is much sweeter because he was here

And in the nights of sorrow and tears

I am grateful because he was a special young man

And I had him for 23 years


10 years later.....

When I close my eyes, my empty arms

Are filled with memories of him

10 years have passed since he left this world

But the memories have never grown dim...

He was such a delight and he filled every day

With his warmth and his smiles and his joy

And though he was 23 when he died

He'll always be my little boy


The years have come and the years have gone

Such a long time since he was here

And the pain has long been washed away

By oceans and rivers of tears

Though Sorrow moved in and lived for a while

She's packed her bags and moved on

And strength has moved in the wide empty space

Where once lived my friend and my son

Written by Chris’s Mom - Please do not copy or distribute

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